The High Road to Taos Scenic Byway is a lovely, winding road through the Sangre de Cristo mountains between Santa Fe and Taos. It offers magnificent vistas of snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows, and charming traditional Spanish and Pueblo villages. The lovely scenery has inspired many artists and artisans who live along the High Road. We welcome you to come, explore, and help sustain the rural economy of this charming, centuries-old region.

About the High Road Art Tour  Each fall in northern New Mexico artists on the High Road to Taos open their studios and galleries the last two consecutive weekends of September, when the trees turn yellow and the autumn sky deepens to cobalt. It is also an historic trip that winds through tiny, old Land Grant villages and rural countryside.

Best of all, the tour allows visitors to revel in the local arts, from fine to folk, traditional to contemporary, whimsical to functional. Tour visitors meet and purchase directly from the artists, enhancing local economic development. Many of the studios are open year-round. Tour brochures serve as year-round guides and are available from visitor centers, local hotels, and tour sites. Maps are also available for downloading at

Featured Artists

Cantina Y La Iglesia a los Contrabandistas que Cruzan
(Saloon and Church at Smuggler’s Crossing)
oil on canvas, 30”x48”

Trish Booth has been a resident of Truchas, New Mexico for 6 years. She holds a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute, has participated in several museum exhibitions, and has work in private and public collections, including Menopause the Musical, University of New Mexico, and the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including with the US State Department at the US Ambassador’s residence in Windhoek, Namibia. Trish is currently the Owner/Director of the Ghost Pony Gallery in Truchas.

Cordova Beauty
oil on canvas, 22”x28”

Sally Delap-John paints the villages of Northern New Mexico en plein air.  Her colorful style captures the spirit of what remains visible of days past.  Sally will again return to show at Cowgirl Up at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, AZ in March, 2014.  You can find her work represented at La Posada de Santa Fe, and at her gallery in the Spanish Land Grant village of Truchas, New Mexico.

Gear Head
welded recycled metal, 18”x18”

Leroy Fresquez, Jr. began his career with metal-welding classes at Peñasco High School followed by a degree in Welding Technology from Northern New Mexico Community College. Fresquez, Jr. began selling work early, and continued to sell to his local Northern New Mexico community until finally dedicating more time to sculpture as his passion and livelihood. He was a master-level presenter and professional at the Santa Fe 2010 Contemporary Hispanic Market, and exhibited in the Contemporary Winter Hispanic Market in Santa Fe.

Painted Hills #5
ultrachrome pigment print, 22”x17”

Joan Zalenski is a multi-media artist engaged in alternative photography, three dimensional work, and site-specific installations. She received a BFA degree in Sculpture and Ceramics from Ohio University and studied for a MFA at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Her work has been exhibited nationally, and she has received grants and commissions for major public art projects in California, New York, Texas & New Mexico as well as private and public collections. Zalenski lives and works in Truchas, NM and owns OffCenter Contemporary Fine Art and Photography Gallery.

Sawdust Fired Porcelain Vase
fumed with copper, sea salt and iron, 7”x6”

Kathy Riggs owns Ojo Sarco Pottery with her husband, Jake Willson. Their work has been included in 500 Bowls by Lark Publications and most recently in The Best of 500 Ceramics, Celebrating a Decade in Clay. After almost 40 years of showing at juried shows and in galleries across the country they are focusing their attention on their own gallery in Ojo Sarco where they exhibit their work and the work of several glass, painting, jewelry and ceramic artists whose work they admire.

Some of the Arts You`ll Find on the Tour


Marco A. Oviedo, Arrow Maker, bronze, 12”


Judith Hert, #178-12, acrylic on canvas, 20”x20”


Jan Quinn, Cowboy Cool & Pistol Annie, mixed media, 26”x9”


Charlee Newman, Ram of the Rio Grande, pastel on paper, 9”x12”


Leigh Gusterson, Lil’ Apple Blossom, oil on board, 6”x6”


Ann Hendrie, table, wood, hand-made paper, 41”x10.5”.32” Jean Whettnall, candle sticks, wood, rebar, plaster, 21”


Althea Duffy, The Pollinators, 24kt gold plated seed beads, Citrine, Swarovski crystal, Porcelain Bees, 18”


Daniel Tafoya, banco, ponderosa pine, 5’x20”x40”

Quotes about the tour from visitors:

Wonderful! Awesome Work!

It’s fabulous. We come every year.

I always love the beauty of this tour - the excellent art and the welcoming attitudes.

2nd time in 2 yrs! Came back this time of the year-just for art tour


Several HRA members on the tour have been winners of Best of Show and other prizes at Spanish Market including

  • Lorrie and Andrew Garcia, Spanish Colonial woodcarving, retablos and bultos, Garcia
    Spanish Colonial Arts
  • Irvin Trujillo and Lisa Trujillo, Master Weavers, Rio Grande Textiles, Centinela
    Traditional Arts
  • Montez Gallery, Spanish Colonial Arts

Art for the Heart Gallery in Penasco – A community resource for art, offers workshops in wide variety of media. Hands-on art Saturday, Sunday afternoons. Hersday is a weekly holiday for women to create from their hearts. Also the home of Upcycled Fashion, developing entrepreneurs who create cutting edge clothing with a conscience.

“Let Moisture Reign” – works of art depicting rain and moisture exhibiting in galleries and businesses in Peñasco through August 15. Opening was on July 4, and it rained on July 5!

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The mission of High Road Artisans is to enhance the economic viability of the artists and artisans of the rural communities along the High Road to Taos in Northern New Mexico. We work to provide visibility to the long cherished artistic traditions and artworks of High Road residents through educational and promotional opportunities.

The High Road Art Tour is presented by High Road Artisans, a non-profit organization. Partial funding is provided by New Mexico Arts, New Mexico Tourism Department, and WESST.